(Auto)marginalization Of Sociology In The Contemporary Bosnian-herzegovinian Society

Sarina Bakić


Article examines contemporary situation and perspective of sociology in Bosnia and Herzegovina within the context of claim that(auto)marginalization of sociology today can be viewed as the social problem as well. Author of this text will attempt to explicate the causes of ignoramus attitude towards sociology and sociologists in almost all relevant spheres of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s society. Within the professional call of sociologist and in the context of this phenomena such as (auto)marginalization of sociology as the science and profession, it is important to analyse social, cultural and systematic roots of this situation and from that aspect to ask questions such is why in the existing Bosnia andHerzegovina’s society there is an absence of requirement for sociologists and professional services ofsociologists.This article will be mainly focused on actual situation and perspectives of sociology in Bosnia andHerzegovina, causes of this displeasing position and possibilities for the solutions. Furthermore, it isgoing to be focused on the status of sociology as academic discipline and its internal structure, its theoretical and methodological position. One of the major factors that influence on marginalization of sociology as the science and profession are attempts to supress sociology from the academic/school space. Moreover, one of the most important questions from the aspects of this problematic is an employment of graduated sociologists what is in the close relation with position of sociology in general as the science and profession as well. This tremendously productive scientific discipline together with its comparative advantages consider, analyse, research, describe and comment various social processes,but the visibility of these efforts are almost completely unknown in the wider public sphere in Bosniaand Herzegovina. What is an indicative is the fact of ignoramus and disrespectful relation towardsknowledge that is offered by sociology and sociologists.Contemporary situation of social, political and cultural life in Bosnia and Herzegovina composed withan erosion of social values cannot go in favour for better positioning of sociology as science andprofession yet other social and humanistic sciences as well.Motive for this article is an opinion that social treatment of socilogy in today’s Bosnia and Herzegovinais very unfavourable but its improvement can be linked with faster and more efficient breakthroughfrom this longterm social, political, economic and cultural crisies of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Bosnia and Herzegovina; (auto)marginalization; sociology; sociologists

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