Crisis Of Humanities, Society Or Market - The Polish Perspective

Anna Legeżyńska, Bogusław Zieliński


The question of the situation in Polish huminastics can not be viewed separately from the fate of the university as a whole or out of the process and changes in Polish society and the European academic community. In response to a situation characterized as a crisis, numerous reactions, discussions and practical reactions, such as the establishment of the Polish Humanitarian Crisis Committee (KKPH) in 2013, are followed. In order to overcome the difficult situation, the Committee has demanded greater allocations for science, university funding, regardless of the number of students, a change in the way in which research is evaluated and research projects for exact and humanistic sciences. The crisis is also linked to the signing of the Bologna Charter and the idea of creating a unique academic space in Europe, which focuses on the teaching process and neglects the research activity. The author sees possible solutions in three concrete measures: 1) to complete the natural-scientific and technical spectrum of education with the issues of existence, culture and language; 2) restore focus to humanistic research through the funding system, and 3) the demand for the participation of representatives of humanities in political and governance structures.


humanitarian crisis; freedom of the university; Bologna process; issues of existence; culture and language;

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