The Challenges and Perspectives of Humanities and Social Studies

Mirsad Kunic


If we start from the title and the original idea of the university as a place for acquiring universal knowledge, then we are left to wonder how much we are still committed to the idea. The word Universitas refers to persons combined in one body, society, community, and the idea of the University, created in the Middle Ages at the time of the occurrence and development of urban settlements and emphasized the need for the formation of different alliances, involved the association of students and their teachers with the guaranteed autonomy of organization and determining qualification frameworks. The idea is to get a new meaning at the time of the occurrence and expansion of Enlightenment faith in the book, and knowledge, and eventually was crowned the act of forming the University of Berlin in the beginning of the nineteenth century (later called the Humboldt University) as a synonym of modern European and world universities. In addition to teaching, other important component of the University is the research, one that, supplying a new knowledge and new discoveries, which remains open to the wider community and subordinated to the cult of progress. Perhaps the Humboldt University just an example of universities conceived on the basis of the humanities, with faith in the power of culture as a strong driver of overall development. Small universities, like the University of Tuzla, can fulfill its mission and remain true to the original idea of the university if they are completely made available LOCAL community / Canton, developing and nurturing the idea Humanum, offering possible solutions to various social problems and, in the end, putting their technical and technological knowledge of the development of various industries in Tuzla Canton.


the idea of the university; the community of teachers and students; the Humboldt University; the idea of the humanities;

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