Characteristic Style of Muhsin Rizvic’s

Marina Katnić-Bakaršić


The paper examines style features observed in Muhsin Rizvić's texts. In doing so, two issues are particularly addressed: the functional-style affiliation of Rizvić's texts and their individual features (the Rizvić idiostyle). The study showed that the dominant property of the idiostyle is the syncretism of registers ranging from scientific, scholarly-critical, critical, to essayistic, which is considered and observed as a highly important style of this author. In addition, the study points to evaluations and comments made by Muhsin Rizvić regarding the style of writers he often studies in his works. It is exactly these particular microstylistic comments that are often based on Rizvić'c impression, and at the same time linguistically grounded, so that they represent an excellent base for future stylistic studies on the language of these writers and poets.


registry; stylistic figures; idiosylin; stylistic texts; stylistic syncretism;

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