Po/Ethics of Verse – the Catharsis of Reader Through the Catharses of Lyrical Subjects

Šeherzada Džafić


We are witnessing that lately we can seldom hear, or are fortunate to read the verses which evoke the feelings that can only be aroused by good poetry. Pointing to the power of poetry that evokes intense feelings, many authors – from ancient philosophers and poets to present-day psycho- logists and literary critics – have pointed out to its ethical side. Based on the theories of catharsis, the paper questions ethics and the overall poetics of the poems of the Bosnian poet Ramiz Huremagić. Elaboration aims at proving the main hypothesis of work by which the ethical side of poetry can act as an invitation to critical reasoning, sometimes stronger and more convincing than factographic documents. Witnessing the trauma of the past, such poetry reflects hope in possible detraumatisation at the present, provided that we are aware and willing to accept it.



catharsis; ethics; poetics; Bosnian-Herzegovinian poetry; Ramiz Huremagić

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