Sociological Reviews of Bosnian Culture and Art After Two Wars

Merima Jašarević


One of the focuses in this paper are, firstly theoretical construction of postmodern reality. So, theoretical synthesis in this paper is presenting those new tendencies in thinking and acting that are results of new time called postmodern or contemporary. Secondly, this article is dealing with critical analysis and questioning Bosnian culture in context of Yugoslavian society. However, the third part of this article is connected to analysis of Bosnian culture and Bosnian art in context of post-Dayton society which apparently becomes so schizoid. Trough ethno political construct, misconceptions of Bosnian reality is highly reflected in kitsch content in culture who are, not only, becoming mainstream that dizzying extinguish any chance of cultural and artistic action for critical analytical and aesthetic. Why some artistic actions are today on the edge of social reality, and why in our society culture is completely second matter for the government? – By this questioning, as a result of conclusion there are some inflicted answers which will bring conclusion and suggestion that there is apocalyptic end not only for Bosnian culture, but for society in general view. Research techniques which provided research are: content analysis, interview and questionnaire.


modern; postmodern; culture; art; paintings; Bosnian society;

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