Metaphors of Love in the Novel Wuthering Heights and Its Translation

Milea Ajduk Kurtović


The article is based on the general principles of the theory of conceptual metaphor and the theory of metaphor translation, and will describe the conceptual metaphors of LOVE in the novel Wuthering Heights and its translation, based on earlier studies in the field of conceptual metaphor analysis and cognitive linguistics, emphasizing metaphor as one of the most important rhetorical figures in a literature. The cognitive-linguistic contrastive analysis of the conceptual metaphor best indicates the problems in the presentation of literary metaphors, social and cultural differences between different languages, using methodological procedures that include the study of the corpus and the classification of metaphors that are based on the conceptualization of the LOVE entity in the original text. The aim of this research is therefore to point out the importance of metaphoricity and the entity LOVE in the conceptual field, as well as communication between two typologically different languages and the way in which these metaphors are realized.


metaphors of love; conceptual metaphor theory; translation theory; universal and culture- -specific metaphors

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