The Position And Perception Of Humanistic Sciences In Republic Of Croatia In The Beginning Of 21st Century

Damir Matanović, Emina Berbić Kolar


The paper will explore the contemporary position of humanities in the Republic of Croatia with regard to other sciences, especially the STEM area currently occupying the primary position in scientific and professional circles in relation to humanistic and social sciences whose meaning and historical value is lost and / or pushes into another plan. The aim of the paper is to present the contemporary position and reception of humanities in the contemporary Croatian society. Sources of research will include literature, media articles and reviews to fully address the social perception of humanities and offer possible solutions. The purpose of the paper is to raise awareness of the importance and value of humanities in the widest sense of its meaning and point to its unquestionable value as the foundation of the western civilization circle.


humanities; history; language; western civilization circle

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