Marking the Repeated Occurrence of Verbal Action in Italian Translations of Ivo Andric’s Novel Bosnian Chronicle

Nermina Čengić


Verbal aspect is a grammatical category that in Bosnian and Italian expresses how the duration of the verbal event is to be conceived. Two basic types of verbal aspect are perfective and imperfective, eachhaving specific nuances, that is, subtypes, which are determined depending on the way the action unfolds and the time frame in which it occurs.There are various ways of expressing the subtypes ofperfectiveand imperfective verbal aspect. In this paper, we have presented the characteristics of iterative aspect, as one of the ways of expressing imperfective aspect. Namely, by contrastive-comparative analysis ofexamples, we will outline the ways of marking the repeated occurrence of verbal action in Italian translations of Ivo Andric’s Bosnian Chronicle in comparison with the original text, and make conclusions about the similarities and differences in the way of marking this particular nuance of the imperfective verbal aspect in two language systems.


imperfective verbal aspect; repeated verbal action; iterative verbs; verbs with the prefix ri-; specific lexical constructions; Italian, Bosnian

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