Challenges for a New Role and New Teacher Competencies: Distance Teaching Experiences

Dejan Đorđić, Ruženjka Šimonji Černak, Mila Beljanski


The results of researches on distance teaching from the teacher’s aspect during the state of emergency are presented in this paper, there are the teachers of primary schools, from the territory of Vojvodina (Serbia). The aim is to answer questions about how the respondents assess competencies for distance learning, job satisfaction, and how demanding are the different teaching platforms. The sample consisted of 574 teachers. The questionnaire The teacher’s and educator’s thoughts and experiences on distance teaching during the state of emergency was used. The questionnaire was distributed online. The data was collected from April 2020 until the end of the school year. Respondents assess that they have technical and IT competencies, acquired in informal education and that they need further education. Distance teaching is a professional challenge and is stressful, and the vast majority of respondents prefer regular teaching. The stress level is higher, more work, student engagement, and clarity of expectations from teachers are reduced. Respondents most often used already known communication channels during distance teaching: mail and Viber.


COVID-19; distance teaching; teachers; competencies

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