The (Un)Success of Trump's Economic Policy

Goran Miraščić


During the Trump administration, the American economy experienced some of the best results since World War II. Unemployment and poverty were at record lows and the stock market was booming. At the same time, the fiscal deficit and public debt increased, while the harm is done to the rules-basedthe international trading system is yet to be seen. Using historical data, the aim of this paper is to provide a comparative overview of some of the hallmarks of Trump’s economic policy taking a critical look at each one of them: tax cuts, deregulation, and protectionism. While the pre-pandemic U.S. economy wasin some aspects truly impressive, it is difficult to disentangle to what extent this was owed to the president’s economic policies and to what extent this was simply due to a positive external environment, which should be the subject of future scientific research. 


Trumponomics; economic nationalism; protectionism; macroeconomic policy

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