Managers in Social Welfare Institutions

Ljubo Lepir


The role of menager as the most responsible persons of enterprises, organizations and institutions is inevitable in ensuring efficient management process in system of social welfare. The Manager performs control, coordinates, directs, and provides decision. Its activities undoubtedly have a crucial impact on the results achieved and the future development of the institution. The prerequisites for the realization of successful management in social care institutions are still effective execution of its core functions: planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These management functions depend on the organizational structure and the functional linkages between participants in the governance process. However, in smaller organizations and institutions, such as instituttion in social welfare system, management process is often the most dependent on the manager’s knowledge, skills and personal characteristics. Being a manager in an social welfare institution means to be the first and most responsible in the implementation of a number of processes, such as the exercise of rights, management of professional practices, service planning and budget management tasks and working time, the development of human resources, contracting services, establishing cooperation with partners , monitoring and evaluation work. In addition to the personal qualities of managers, the menagement psrocess in social institutions is affected with working environment and needs of beneficiaries of protection. Field of social protection is marginalizated, whitch presents a big problem. The chronic lack of financial resources, interference of political interests, intensifying social needs of citizens, lack of skilled personnel are factors that further complicate the management process in the institution. Managers of social welfare institutions must seek the path between the interests of users and the state; between the general and the individual; between the profession and individual interests; between the expected and possible. This situation leads managers in social welfare institutions from a very difficult mission: how to achieve good business results and not undermine the basic objectives of the activity of the institution. The paper describes the specifics of management in social welfare institutions, the current problems of management and assumptions for the successful management in institutions of the social welfare system. Special role of the personal competencies needed in the management and selection of competent persons as managers in social welfare institutions are problematize in a paper. Special attention was paid to managers role and tasks in center for social work and in institutions for placement and care. Finally, the paper offers recommendations for successful management, as well as identified tasks that successful manager needs to fulfill.


managers; management; social protection; social welfare system

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