Bosnian Sephards in the Works of Laura Papo Bohoreta

Ana Cecilia Prenz Kopušar, Edina Spahić


In this paper, we will look into the work of Laura Papo Bohoreta, a Sephardic author who lived and created in the first half of the twentieth century. Given that all her works are written in her native Jewish-Spanish language, our goal in this work is to point out the specifics of her creativity, in order to bring it closer to a wider readership.
We especially aim to emphasize her enlightening role, and the role of guardian of tradition, culture, and language which she created and inherited. A particularly important segment on which her overall creativity is based is the role of women in society at that time. With this work, we will show how Laura Papo, through her female characters and their struggle, paved the way for Sephardic women to achieve their intellectual development and the process of affirming a woman outside her home.


Laura Papo Bohoreta; writer; guardian of tradition; Jewish Spanish language; Sephardi

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